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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dragon Tiger Gate Sux!

Finally I watched Dragon Tiger Gate. According to, it's the 'most anticipated kungfu movie in Hong Kong', so I thought I give it a try since it sounds THAT good.

KNN! It's one of the most boring kungfu movies I've ever seen in my entire biological lifespan. Better I go watch Remp-It. But it's famous because it's a popular comic in China. If you enjoy watching unrealistic martial arts with too much graphic, then this is the movie for you.

To start off with, the movie has no bloody purpose. Either that or the story line is just too crappy. It's like a typical 'I fight-with-you, you-fight-with-me, and-whoever-wins-get-to-show-their-face-longer-on-the-cinema-screen' movie. Don't waste your money on this awful movie.

Secondly, despite their head being smashed into walls and bricks like roti canai, they still can maintain a very stylish and neat hairstyle. Or maybe they have combs in their pockets and they have super swift hands that when they comb their hair fast enough, it's invisible to the human eyes.

Whatever it is, you gotta owe it to the Chinese for coming up with very catchy kungfu moves, like 'Electric Eel Drill', 'Eight Dragon Slaying Palms' or 'Drunken Fist'. It's in their blood to name kungfu moves after powerful animals since centuries ago ever since kungfu was started.

Drunken pussies

But still, this movie sucks lemons big time! GSC promote the movie as if it's really something very big liddat. Kanasai you GSC, I want my refund of RM8 before I unleash my 'Thirteen Annoying Monkey Anal Fist From Hell'.


  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger daryl said…




    XD ahh, that was one funny review. Seems that there are lixed views on this one.. i havent watched it myself but some of my friends say it was worth a go.. guess i'll have to think twice now

  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger Donovan LTS said…

    the storyline sucks....the rest was ok...


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