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Friday, August 25, 2006

I am dead

Have you ever felt so empty inside, that it feels like you're just dead but still alive at the same time? Very much like a friggin' zombie.

It just seems that you don't have a purpose in anything you do, and you feel that whatever you are doing is worthless.

How I wish to be like Davy Jones. I want to rip out my fucking heart and lock it in a chest far far away, waiting for someone to open it and stab it straight to Hell.

How I wish to be in The Flying Dutchman, sailing forever into a sea of eternal depression, without any directions or any purpose at all.

And you know what.... I realized that my mind is all messed up too much nowadays.

Just after writing the Davy Jones' post above, I felt the urge to go the loo to make a hot flow of 'Chinese tea' (if you know what I mean).

But instead of peeing, I threw my RM1 note I was holding into the toilet bowl. Wtf was I thinking? Sohainess!

Fortunately I threw it before I pee. I picked it up (surprisingly I didn't wet a finger) and just clean it under running tap water. Should be OK...

Sigh... I think I'm going 'Shandong Peanuts'.


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