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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Making the band

Hmm.... I still remember being in my first ever rock band, which I formed during my secondary school era around 3 to 4 years ago. I was playing in a band called "Damage Inc." as the drummer, and I gotta tell you, I rocked like Lars Ulrich from Metallica. Haha just kidding.

Yeah, that was me during Installation Nite in secondary school (I wish)

After SPM, our band was 'dead'. But it was good while it lasted. We had fun jamming at Ice Music Studio and playing for the schools' Installation Nite.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my ex-band members Kochi, Dila, Zul, and Mior. You guys rock..... but I rocked harder.

This year, I got a chance to join another band. Mr. Halim, my lecturer asked some students from my class to create a theme song for a huge International Business conference called 'GLOBIZZ - Globalisation through peace' that will be held around the end of September. Initially, my current frontman Jacky Tan's song got picked for its' creativity and originality.

That's Sylvester and Ah Bird

At first, it was only Jacky playing guitar for the song, but when he decided to take the song to the next level, so me and him recruited our friends to join in and play some extra chords and plucking and of course, drums.

One of the places we practiced our song

We had time to practice the song at Jackys' house and when we're free, we went around Melaka Raya finding for studios to jam together. Seriously we are noobs. 3 years of not playing drums, and now my skills have gone from Lars Ulrich to budak kompang.

At Gecko Studios

Some kinda 'contract' we had to sign before recording

Kinda small place

So, long story short, last last week we went to Gecko Studios to record our song. Oh btw, our band name is not confirmed, and our song is entitled 'Together'.

It was quite fun being at a recording studio for the first time. One hour cost us RM60, and the entire recording process took us 3 and a half hours, so we ended up paying RM210. It wasn't much of a financial problem, since the conference is gonna sponsor us.

But the problem is... after we finish the recording, the idiot guy who did our recording came up to us and said 'the mixing of the song will cost RM600'. Mai chee bai RM600 for one fucking song!! Earlier dunno how to tell!? RM600 where got people wanna sponsor us?

Damn frust wei after the recording session. But a few days later, our smart Jacky talked to Gecko Studios and asked for sponsorship in return of advertising their studio during the conference. So in the end, RM600 settle lar, and our song is finally complete!

I will upload the song on the Internet for you all to download and listen soon. Support my new band lar, k?

P/S: I'm NOT in any of the pictures above T.T


  • At 2:43 PM, Blogger Jazzy*Pam said…

    Hmm, cool! Looking forward to hearing the song! ;)

  • At 10:24 AM, Anonymous feenux said…

    this is awesome!
    i didn't know you actually went into the recording studio and record songs...

    dude, let me hear >__<


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