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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rock concert @ Sepang

It's been a damn long time since I update my blog. Been kinda busy this whole week with loads of assignment, thanks to a fat geek/nerd/sohai in my project group who loves to end all her fucking SMS with 'Take care'. Damn annoying!

Anyway, last Sunday, me and my two friends Ann Gie and Adrian went to Sepang F1 Circuit to attend a so-called rock concert organized by this Malay radio station named 'Suria.FM'. The main reason I went there is to support my friend's band 'Irotori', who's performing there.

Before we reached the circuit, me and Adrian thought it might be a good idea to stop at KLIA. For what? What else! Imported products and duty-free alcohols.

I thought of stocking up with a couple bottles of Baileys' and Absolut Vanilia, but to my disappointment, you need to bring a passport along to buy alcohols. Hamade!

I love checking out the chocolate stores in KLIA. Looks like 'Disneyland of Cocolates' to me. Damn chun, but I didn't get myself anything :(

Nyam nyam

Chocolate Galaxy 2006! Heaven!

Adrian the chocolate expert

At around 8 p.m., we finally reached the F1 Circuit. Seriously that place looks dead for an expected 'happening concert'. The ticket costed us RM10 each.

The entrance

Before the 'concert' started, I managed to look around the F1 Circuit. I thought that place was suppose to be grand or special, but I guess everything looks better in the TV. I don't really feel like I'm in a circuit.

F1 merchandises sold here

Travel all the way to Sepang just to get 30% off your saman

Pay RM5 just to be in this cage and play with bunnies...WTF

I just sat back and watched some cars speeding around the circuit. Supposingly at 10 p.m., there'll be some kinda endurance race going on, but we left quite early before the stupid concert ended.

Around 8.30pm, my friend's band started playing. Their performance was damn good, but I was damn pissed that the crowd really SUCKed. Plus, there were two Malay female commentators were talking as if they are trying so hard to be cool, they SUCKed.

The crowd SUCKed...

...but the band ROCKed!

After Irotori finished their songs, we left the hell out of there, because the whole 'concert' thingie SUCKed to the max. Seriously la, if it's not going to be a good concert, next time don't fucking organize it la!

Metal wei! Like me la! Lolz

One stupid thing I saw..... this 'popular' female singer was singing while trying to mix in and be friendly with the crowd, but instaed of giving handshakes, she handed out advertorial catalogues to them. WTF? What a fucking desperate and pathetic marketing strategy, don't you think?

Singing + handing out catalogues = bitch

We reached Melaka at around 11 p.m. sumthing feeling exhausted. I damn bloody regret we went there at the first place.

CCB! I stayed at home and sleep also better!


Coming up next: Making the band


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